Wednesday, 26 May 2010

D-Day, that’s D for Diagnosis!

Today marks the second anniversary of my diabetes diagnosis. Hard to believe that it has already been two years! I can still remember that first day and night in the hospital, first in the Resus room, then after about three hours I was moved to intensive care. In the middle of the night I was then moved to a side room in a general ward, and early the following day onto the ward itself – four beds in 24 hours! I felt absolutely dreadful when I arrived. My blood sugar was 37 mmol/l and my HbA1c was 11.8. On admission I weighed 116 pounds. Now, two years on I weigh a planet-shaking (for me!) 170 pounds!

I left the hospital on 11 different drugs, plus insulin – now I am on only two drugs. I tend to forget that my insulin is also part of my medication whenever I am asked as it seems so fundamental to my condition The other meds are things I could probably do without and still get by, but I know I wouldn’t last long without my insulin.

I did some checking on my blood glucose meter software to find out how things have gone over the past year. On the whole, I think I have been very lucky and have managed to keep fairly tight control of my levels. Out of a total of 2,119 fingerprick tests (my poor fingers!), I have had 482 above range – about 21%. A lot of those would have been tests taken after meals and before exercise, when I would expect to be above range, as many non-diabetics might also be. The margins haven’t been that great, with just the very rare excursion into double figures. My highest reading during the year was 16.2 mmol/l.

As for the lows, I’ve had surprisingly few. OK, 106 might sound like a lot of occasions for your blood sugar to drop so low that you suddenly transform into a sweating, shaking, panicking idiot, but I probably used to do that on occasion before diabetes! In fact, it only accounts for 5% of all my tests in the year. Looking a bit closer, I can see that I have only had two hypos in the past thirty days, so I think that my control is steadily improving. Overall, the average BG level over those 2,000+ tests is 5.93 mmol/l. I’ve been sticking lancets in my fingers on average 5.8 times a day – which again has actually dropped to below 5 times a day over the past month. I think I have been testing less mainly because I have injured my knee and not been able to go out running.

Got myself a nice big cake to celebrate, and a bucket of insulin on standby! This bad boy has got a total of 200 grams of carbohydrate and 90 grams of fat! Slurp!!!!


  1. Oh that cake looks amazing! Is it sainsburys perchance? Cuz those ones are well nice. Save us a slice? :P

    Happy diaversary!

  2. It's a Co-op one actually, full of all manner of Belgian chocolate! Yum!!!!