Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Your thigh bone's connected to your...

...lateral collateral ligament! Unfortunately for me, that ligament is currently very sore and sprained, and it looks like being that way for the next two to five weeks. No running, and it's already been three weeks since I injured it - so frustrating! Apparently my best option for rehabilitation is a wobble board, and as it happens I already own one from the time when I broke that very same thigh bone in the title of this post. It appears that all my injuries occur on the right side of my body, as I broke my right humerus several years ago, and have also broken metacarpals in my right hand. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that I'm left-handed, and I instinctively protect that side of my body.

So, it's several weeks of not walking very far and several hours a week wobbling! I'm also trying out some exercises for the upper body, taken from the aptly-titled '15 minute workouts for dummies'. Fifteen minutes is about the most I can endure, not because of a lack of fitness, but because excruciating boredom overwhelms me beyond that timeframe when doing most things except running through the parks and countryside! The exercises are demonstrated by the wonderfully named Gay Gasper, although she isn't and I am by the end of the workout! Pretty straightforward stuff, but demanding nevertheless, and conducted at a very brisk pace in order to get everything in in the promised quarter hour - including warm up and post exercise stretches! I'll tell you tomorrow how effective they are, if I can unbend my body! I'm hoping that the exercise will help to keep my blood sugars in check and my insulin sensitivity nice and high, as I have a tendency to lose a bit of control during enforced periods of inactivity. Maybe this is fate's way of telling my that my gut is getting far too flabby!

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