Tuesday, 1 June 2010

June already!

And little sign of the Sun! Very gloomy today, whatever happened to 1976 and spontaneous brushland fires from the unbearable heat? My levels have been creeping up - I think they were expecting it to get warmer, but it hasn't, so now I'm left with higher insulin requirements. Cheers, diabetes god, just when I thought I had it sorted! I have to go for some blood tests this week, first time in 6 months, and expect that my HbA1c will have risen from the previous 5.6%. As long as it isn't above 6.5% I'll be happy. I've had far fewer hypos lately, and my fasting levels have, on the whole, been a couple of mmol/l higher than they have been in the past - so 6+ rather than 4+.

Weather is supposed to be brightening tomorrow, so I may have to go and mow the lawn which will be good for my levels. The old reliables are blooming - aquilegia and pyrocanthus - and my roses are about to burst into life. The rhododendron is doing much better than last year, with some big flowers about to bloom, and the day lilies look like they are about ready to put in an appearance. But where is the Sun?


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