Thursday, 10 June 2010

Nurse Ne'er Do Well

Some nurses are excellent. They listen to your troubles with a caring ear, and dispense useful, practical advice in words you will understand, yet without being patronising or condescending. However, a lady on the forum recently spoke of her encounter with a nurse who spent an hour relating all her own personal problems until eventually the lady walked out! I imagine the scene went something like this…

Ah! Come in my dear and please sit over there.
No, not in the comfy one – the grey plastic chair!
I have to sit here, it’s been quite a while
Since my bottom’s been sore on account of my piles…

Now, you’re diabetic, I think it says here.
My eyesight is awful, it’s not very clear…
Uh! You’ll have to speak up dear, what did you say?
I’ve been deaf as a post for a year and a day!

Since you’re diabetic, perhaps you will know?
I wake in the night and I just HAVE to go!
It may be my bladder, perhaps it’s my age,
Would you do my job on this miserable wage?

My throat feels quite dry, I might have some tea,
You probably wouldn’t cope if you had troubles like me!
Some patients are awful, they just ramble on,
Now let me just see where your…oh! She’s gone!

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