Friday, 30 July 2010

Getting better, slowly!

My legs have finally recovered from Sunday’s hills sufficiently to tackle another run this morning. Thought I would try a slight extension to my recent runs through the park. I’m not worrying about times at the moment, apart from time on my feet, as I need to get some stamina and endurance built up. Going into oxygen-debt by running faster than I can currently sustain is pointless, so I just ran the route I intended, staying well within my aerobic capacity.

Things were fairly quiet – it’s strange how so much of the road traffic disappears when the school holidays start, I can only imagine (not having kids) that much of the rush hour congestion is caused by over-protective two-car parents driving their little darlings to the school gates rather than let them burn off any precious calories with a bit of a walk...

The air was cooler than of late, and still, meaning that I quickly began to heat up. The riverbanks were exposing their muddy banks, dark brown dotted with white where seagulls foraged for worms amidst the traffic cones and shopping trollies. Actually, it’s not that bad, the river is pretty clean. It’s very tidal, so when the tide is out just a narrow channel remains, revealing just how shallow the river is, despite its broad expanse. As I ran the Sun began to burn off the cloud cover and I began to heat up some more!

Thankfully, I wasn’t overwhelmed with dogs on the run, just a couple of mongrels more interested in the saliva-soaked balls that their owners were casting around for them to chase. It seems that modern dog-owners have cottoned on to just how gross a dog-spit drenched tennis ball is, so they no longer throw them by hand, but employ some kind of plastic launcher – such are the advancements of modern civilisation…

My legs were rather heavy over the last half mile, but that means that they managed the previous two and a bit without too much distress, which is an improvement as it means I’m gaining a stronger base. I’ve found in the past it takes me about three weeks to get back into being able to run a regular 5-7 miles, although as I’ve got older it does seem to be closer to three weeks rather than two! I’ve wondered about the diabetes too, whether that is having an effect on my endurance and recovery, or if I’m just finding that an easier thing to blame than the fact that I’m not the Spring chicken I used to be!

Levels were 7.9 mmol/l (142 mg/dl) before the run and 7.3 mmol/l (131 mg/dl) afterwards, which I was pleased with. I don’t adjust my insulin before the run, although I know of some people that either take none or at the very least reduce it by a considerable amount. For me, the effect comes afterwards, so that’s when I change my ratios – although it’s a completely subjective, finger-in-the-air adjustment, based largely on instinct and experience. I’ve also taken to injecting about 15 minutes before eating, as I’ve discovered that I often spike early, however GI-conscious I’ve been with my food choices. This morning’s readings indicate that I got it just right. 362 calories burned, but I’m not shifting any weight at all. I’ve got a doctor’s appointment next Thursday to see if my blood pressure has improved – if not, I’m likely to be threatened with more medication, which I’d really rather not have, so hoping staying off the booze for the past couple of weeks, plus the exercise, will have me nice and steady at 130/80e

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