Wednesday, 28 July 2010

GSR Training update

Well, my poor leg muscles were totally wrecked after Sunday's hilly run! Why oh why did I choose to live in a two-storey house - the steps are pure torture! Interestingly, my left ('good') leg was significantly more sore than my right ('bad') leg. I've noticed this in the past, and can only presume it is because I tend to favour that leg and make it do more than its fair share of the work since breaking the other. So, I had a couple of days off from the running, despite my desire to get out there - it would have been folly, and embarassing! I did, however, go on a recce on Monday, seeking out even more monstrous inclines for future runs. I went on a wider three mile circuit of my home which involved some truly challenging hills that dwarfed those I ran on Sunday - definitely something to attempt in the near future, and something that I know I could extend for 10-15 miles around town now that I know where the new route fits into place. Rather shamefully, some of these local hills, less than half a mile from home, were new to me despite living in the area for nearly 11 years - I guess I've never had any reason to go off in that direction, and maybe been put off by the steepness!

I was hoping to have been recovered sufficiently by today to attempt a gentler run through the park, but the soreness, although diminished, is still there. Instead, I decided to join Gay Gasper (in the picture) on her 15 minute abs workout and followed this up with an 8k exercise bike session - both being low-impact. OK, I know that's not a lot, but it's something, and hopefully it will help keep my blood sugars in line, as they have been improving after last week's climb. Hoping for a run tomorrow!


  1. I find hills SO daunting! on a bike hills are welcomed training but in my shoes, they scare me. I'm trying though, they are fantastic for interval training and improving VO2max. I am trying to approach them with more confidence. I can see why you're sore!

  2. There were always hills when I started running, so I do enjoy the challenge, but maybe my legs didn't appreciate that quite so much! I plan on tackling the bigger hills on Sunday, so watch this space!