Thursday, 22 July 2010

Oh Phoebe, Phoebe!

Forum member Phoebe had a strange experience the other night. She had a dream where she was sat up in bed and there were paramedics at the foot of the bed and her husband was trying to get her to eat something sweet – but why should she? And who were these people? She just wanted to sleep! Happily, the story ended well!

I think I’d like this dream to end,
Why are these people here?
I don’t remember who they are,
Did you invite them dear?

Oh Phoebe, eat your glucotab,
You know they taste so good!
You need to eat them so there’ll be
More sugar in your blood!

Oh no, I won’t! You can’t make me!
I’ll keep my mouth tight shut!
So bobble off, be on your way!
Ah, that was nicely put!

Oh Phoebe, drink your lucozade,
You know you love the taste!
It’s open and it will go flat,
Don’t let it go to waste!

I won’t! I won’t! Just leave me be!
I’d rather go to sleep!
So let me lay my head back down
On my pillow, soft and deep…

I’ll let you sleep, but only when
I see you eat these sweets!
OK, OK! For peace and quiet,
Then I’ll admit defeat!

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