Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Rest Home for Retired Diseases

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just take a day off from looking after your diabetes – or whatever other chronic disease you may have? The thing about chronic diseases is that there is no end in sight – no day you can mark down in your calendar when you can look forward to spending time without it and doing as you please without fear of repercussions. Wouldn’t if be great if, like our dogs and our cats, we could just pay someone to take care of them for a little while? I’m sure we’d all come back for them, wouldn’t we? Better not answer that!

I’m looking forward to a time when, like smallpox in the ‘70s, we can ‘retire’ our diseases. The last few examples can live out their old age in laboratory test tubes and the like, muttering away to themselves about the good old days when they could shoot someone up to double figures just for eating a slice of toast and butter!

Go away! Take a break! Go on holiday!
I’m sure you’d like time on your own!
And I wouldn’t mind if you left for a while –
So go on! Just leave me alone!

For it seems you’ve become too dependent,
And it’s putting me in a bad mood!
I’d just like a day with you out of the way,
I hope you don't think that I'm rude!

There ought to be somewhere to send you,
Like the kennels where you might send a pet…
Yes, a kennel for chronic diseases!
But I don’t think there are any yet…

I’m sure if there were they’d make money,
For I know many others would pay
To leave you in the care of another,
Though we might not return straight away…!

I imagine, in the future it will happen
When diseases will all be retired,
They’ll live out their days sat on petri dish trays
Till the very last one has expired!


  1. Who hasn't felt like this but never found the right words. Oh how I wish I had paid more attention in school and learned to write poetry even simple poetry

  2. Never too late to start Buzz!