Monday, 16 August 2010

Pick a cure, any cure…

I’m becoming increasingly disturbed at the deceitful, exploitative charlatans that purport to be offering ‘cures’ for diabetes. Often, their ‘treatments’ or ‘methods’ are potentially life-threatening, playing on the fears of vulnerable people for pecuniary gain. There is currently NO CURE for diabetes. It can be managed, sometimes to the extent that a person can live a full and healthy life without the need for medication – but even then, it is never cured. Should such a person indulge just once on the wrong foods, it will quickly become all too apparent that they are not cured, but still subject to their body’s inability to cope with the resultant glucose in the way that a non-diabetic person could.

Some of the following are actually presented as ‘cures’, offered to millions on a daily basis, and no doubt drawing in a few unsuspecting souls who are convinced by the pseudo-medical mumbo-jumbo that supports their vaunted claims. See if you can guess which ones are being aggressively marketed on the web at this very moment!

Drinking bleach, magnetic water,
The toenails of your first-born daughter,
Wearing tin foil underwear,
Eye of newt and nose of bear,
Whelk infusions, ultrasound,
Keep your earlobes tightly bound,
Drink fresh rat milk every night,
Never eat an egg that’s white,
Spend a weekend with a goat,
Wear some seaweed round your throat.
If a pig is facing West,
Rub some pickles on your chest,
Eat raw carrots by the pound,
Only eat a fruit that’s round,
Bathe each night in fresh manure –
All these guaranteed to cure!

If these don’t work, or you feel funny,
We don’t care – we’ve got your money!


  1. Well done, well done! Thank you for this important one on those evil snake oil sales folk who are spouting nonsense in such a maddening and sometimes dangerous way.