Saturday, 7 August 2010

Southampton Forum Meet!

Had a fantastic day meeting up with my fellow DM'ers here in Southampton today! Biggest surprise of the day was when Katie turned up - she's supposed to be in Australia! As usual, when in the company of diabetics, my levels hit double figures for much of the day, but it is always worth it!

Only took a few piccies, so here they are:

Nikki, Tom and Shiv

Duane, Sam and Amy

Fellow Bitterne Parkers!



Lots of healthy chips 'n' stuff!


  1. Brill Alan! What an awesome afternoon it was too! I have yoinked these pics, will credit you if *cough* when I use them over on TBG heee. Though I have to say...that first pic of me...what the ruddy hell am I doing? :D

  2. That's some good looking food, probably shouldn't of read this at lunch time.