Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Flock to Skipton!

Sorry about the lack of posts lately – I’ve been away from the connected world and don’t have the foresight to try and organise guest posts! I’ve been up in the lovely Yorkshire Dales visiting family and friends. The weather was superb, and I really felt quite a few pangs at having to leave all that lovely countryside when it came time to depart.

I don’t go away much, but it did occur to me how one very fundamental thing about holidays has changed forever for me since I was diagnosed. Before, the whole idea of a holiday was to ‘get away from it all’, to be footloose and fancy-free, without a care in the world, let yourself go…and a thousand other clichés that are clichés because they are true! Not any more, alas! I can’t leave my diabetes behind or forget about it, in fact I have to think about it even more as I am away from my usual routine, eating different meals at different times, different activities – all can have an impact on your diabetes, your insulin doses and of course, your blood sugar levels. I also had to get organised so that I wouldn’t forget any of my essential supplies. Extra worry at the airport in case someone challenged me about all those needles and mysterious liquids. Worry in case anything should go wrong, even though I wasn’t leaving the country – what if my pen broke or the insulin leaked or got too hot?

Thankfully, I didn’t forget anything, was waved through at the airport, had some lovely meals in lovely surrounding and with some fine people, oh! and a few colourful sheep sculptures! Here are a few pictures:

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