Saturday, 2 October 2010

Something doesn’t smell right!

As I’m running on behalf of Cancer and Bio-detection Dogs in the Great South Run this year, I thought I would pen a little poem about a typical scenario where a faithful furry friend helps his owner realise that his sugar levels are dropping low…(if you like the poem, please sponsor me at )

What’s that Towser? Please leave me be!
Stop licking my hand, and pawing my knee!
I’ve already fed you, so it’s surely not that –
If I give you more biscuits you’ll only get fat!

We’ve been to the park and played with your ball,
You chased a black cat till it jumped up a wall!
Your legs must be tired, why don’t you just rest?
Go lie in your basket, and don’t be a pest!

Go bother a neighbour and leave me alone!
Go sniff your bottom, or bury your bone!
I’m getting quite tetchy, I think you can tell –
Is there something wrong? Is it something you smell?

My goodness, dear Towser! It seems you are right!
Oh thank you my friend for detecting my plight!
My blood sugar’s low, and you knew straight away!
In future I’ll know what you’re trying to say!

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