Sunday, 3 October 2010

Too old for Type 1!

A member related on the forum today how his practice nurse had insisted to him that he couldn’t possibly have Type 1 diabetes as he was too old! Erm…I was 49 when I was diagnosed, and recently a new member joined having been diagnosed Type 1 at the age of 65! No doubt this is a cunning money-saving exercise – by reclassifying the adult Type 1s as Type 2 the doctors can withdraw test strips and other medication on the basis that only insulin-dependent Type 1s need them!

Note: there isn’t a word of truth in any of the following poem!

Mr Jenkins? Your appointment has been rearranged,
And since you’ll have turned 40, your diagnosis has changed!
We know that we told you that you were Type 1,
But now you’ve got older, I’m afraid that is wrong!

Type 1 diabetes affects only the young,
And you’ve got a foot on the middle-aged rung –
On the ladder of life, I’m afraid you’re too high,
And your fountain of youth is decidedly dry!

So, because you’re too old, you’ve been reclassified,
There’s no point in complaining, though many have tried!
You’ll be very pleased to learn that you’re a Type 2,
That’ll be cheaper for us, if not better for you!

You won’t need to test, so you won’t need those strips,
And you’ll no longer suffer those low sugar dips!
We’re withdrawing your insulin, you’ll be diet-controlled…
What’s that? Don’t blame me sir – it’s because you’re too old!

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