Sunday, 13 February 2011

On the eve of Valentine's Day...

Lament for a Lost Love

Oh pancreas, my luscious pearl,
I love thee more than any girl!
For who but you could make my heart
Beat fast and wild when you depart?
My breathing, shallow, gasping air,
To lose the touch of one so fair!

Why did you fail me on that night
And leave me in this awful plight?
What did I do to hurt you so,
And make you feel that you must go?
Forgive me pancreas, my love,
Let’s be once more like hand in glove!

Without your influence so sweet,
I contemplate each thing I eat,
And daily tasks serve to remind
Of all that we have left behind…
Return, and let our love grow strong,
And please don’t make me wait too long!

1 comment:

  1. Nice poem, thank you! My anger towards my fluctuating and currently hyperglycemic sugar has been dissipated. Keep writing these poems, they do wonders to my disposition.