Monday, 9 May 2011

Diabetes Blog Week #1 - Admiring our differences

I’m the Admin for a diabetes support forum. Although the forum has only been going less than three years, we are now in excess of a quarter of a million posts from thousands of people. If there is one thing I learned early on in my involvement with the forum, it is that everyone’s story is different. Even two Type 1s of similar age and length of diagnosis will have very different experiences to relate, whether it is their reaction to different types of food, their ability to control their levels, their reactions to exercise, and the reactions of the people around them to their condition and how they handle it – the bottom line is, we are all different. By responding to each other’s cares and concerns, triumphs and troughs, we can help each other build up strategies to cope with those aspects of diabetes that have had us stumped, maybe for many years. There is no substitute for this knowledge and shared experience, no teacher or text book can teach it, there are no simple rules applying to all, except perhaps the need for insulin, whether from pump, pancreas or pen, to process glucose and keep our levels in range. So who do I admire the most? Every single one of you!

Hundreds of people, thousands of posts,
Which one should I pick from these? Which one means the most?
The parent, child or pensioner? Perhaps the anxious wife?
Or the person who refuses to let it rule their life?
The people running marathons, or those who walk a mile?
The people fighting deep despair? The ones who make me smile?
So many different lives to lead, so many tales to tell,
From happy Pumping Paradise to needle-phobic hell…
All ages, colours, sex and creed, the bald, brunette or blonde,
Tall and small and thin and fat, we share a common bond.
So many newly-diagnosed – if only there were fewer,
And maybe one day, not far off, we celebrate the Cure!


  1. awesome post Alan!! Great to see you posting, I seem to have missed you since moving blogs - TBG is no more and I'm now on the linky here.

    Glad you are well and hopefully see you soon

  2. Entertaining and enjoyable as always Northener. I tried to compose a comment in rhyme - but couldn't! How do you do it?

  3. Great post Alan, knew you'd poem it up :) Looking forward to your 'letter' or whatever you decider to offer for Day 2!