Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Diabetes Blog Week, Day 3 - Diabetes Bloopers

I haven’t been diagnosed that long, just about three years now, and am glad to say that I have been able to manage my diabetes well without any real disasters or howlers. When I was first diagnosed I remember getting home from the hospital and going through my cupboards, clearing out everything I thought I could no longer eat – honey, sugar, biscuits, treacle, puddings, ice cream, chocolate – I remember being surprised at how much stuff I had that was now forbidden to me, especially since I had never considered myself to have a particularly sweet tooth.

As time went on though, and I learned more about carbohydrate and things like the glycaemic index and glycaemic loading diet, I realised that I shouldn’t deny myself the occasional treat. Happily, weight was never an issue for me, and I quickly got back into my running, so could afford extra calories when the whim took me. I learned that nothing was forbidden to me, as long as it was in moderation, and taking care to consume ‘fast’ sugar items as part of a meal so I would lower the overall GI and have less of a spike in blood sugar levels.

However, sooner or later every person with diabetes will encounter someone who isn’t diabetic, yet knows far more than you about what is and what isn’t allowed. Obviously, in their minds, anything sweet will probably kill you almost instantly, so they take it upon themselves to safeguard your welfare by issuing horrified warnings should you absent-mindedly raise a slice of cake to your mouth. Before your lips can close around the moist and heavenly delicacy, their stern insistence that ‘you shouldn’t be eating that!’ suddenly hits home and you realise how close you came to an almost certain early demise. Thank goodness for the Diabetes Police!

My goodness! How stupid! I’ve been such a fool!
I’m embarrassed and my face has turned red!
How could I have forgotten the One Golden Rule?
I must have gone out of my head!

Of course! You’re correct! Why couldn’t I see
That the cake that I almost consumed
Represented such danger, for it’s poison to me!
Oh forgive me! May I leave the room?

I feel such an idiot, my head hangs in shame,
For the consequences might have been so severe,
If I woke from the coma, then who would they blame?
All due to my ignorance, I fear!

Oh thanks for your warning, so grateful to you!
I am blessed by the interest you take!
If it wasn’t for you, I may not have pulled through
My mistake in digesting that cake!


  1. OMGsh!!!!!!!!!!


    Yeah...thank goodness for the diabetes police. Where would this world be without them?

  2. Love that poem!!!! Almost as much as I dislike the d-police. ;)