Monday, 16 May 2011

Diabetes Training School for the Uncaring

I was pretty appalled to read a post from one of our forum members this morning in which she explained how dreadfully her daughter had been spoken to when she went to have a foot injury examined at the minor injuries unit. The nurse gave the daughter (only 16 and not long diagnosed) a lecture with dire warnings about false legs and amputations! Where do they get these people from? It’s almost as if there is a special school where such people are trained to be as tactless and ignorant as possible – hopefully not all students at that school comply with their training!

Hello, I’m your instructor for the diabetes course,
I’ll teach you how to make them weep and tremble with remorse!
And if I ever hear of patients leaving with a smile,
That’s immediate suspension –no ifs, no buts, no trial!

I’ve got a few scenarios, and I’d like you to explain
How badly you would handle them, and inflict the greatest pain!
Nurse Jenkins, you look dubious, so I think I’ll start with you –
Your patient says she’s hurt her foot, so tell me what you’d do.

‘Well, first I’d put her at her ease, and say it’s very good
She decided that she’d see me just as early as she could.
And then I would examine her as gently as can be,
And reassure her, if I can, that it’s infection-free.’

No, NO!!!!! You have to frighten her, and make the poor girl fear
Her foot’s already gangrenous and won’t survive the year!
Castigate and bully her, until the poor girl cries
And thinks that there’s no hope for her, no matter how she tries!

‘I’m sorry, I won’t do it! That’s surely not the way!
A patient needs encouragement to get them through the day!
So you can take your course and stick it where the Sun don’t shine –
I’ll treat the patients my way, and I’m sure I’ll do just fine!

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