Monday, 23 May 2011

Stop messing with my head, accursed Diabetes Fairy!

Haven’t done a post about my running for a while, partly because it seems to have been very hit and miss this year. Had a poor month in February, great month in March, lazy again in April, and really starting to get back into it in May. Things have changed from my March regime though, principally the fact that, as the day begins much earlier I have been getting up at around 5:15, thus generally getting my run in before 8:00. As I now need to eat and inject before going for a run, and allow time for the food to digest and the insulin to start peaking, I usually step out around 90 minutes after eating. All well and good, but what I consequently have to deal with is that my regular lunchtime is now around 7 hours after my breakfast, a long time to go without food or further injections.

So, I have been trying a little experiment over the past few days. On the first occasion, a few days ago, I decided that I would eat some toast and inject a small amount of insulin to cover it, shortly after completing my run. The result? Hypos all the way through to lunchtime! On the next occasion I decided to see what would happen if I ate the toast but didn’t inject for it. Result? My level prior to eating was 6.8 mmol/l (122 mg/dl) and by lunchtime it was 5.7 mmol/l (103 mg/dl) – I didn’t need any insulin for that toast! I have just repeated the experiment today, after a much shorter run. I was 7.0 mmol/l (126 mg/dl) after the run, ate some toast, and then was 5.2 mmol/l (94 mg/dl) before lunch! So the scenario with me seems to be:

1) Eat nothing for breakfast, levels normally creep up to the 7s/8s by lunchtime.

2) Eat breakfast, no run, levels usually in 5s/6s by lunchtime

3) Eat breakfast, go for run but eat nothing after, levels in 7s/8s by lunchtime

4) Eat breakfast, go for run and have toast afterwards, levels in low 5s!

Nothing’s ever simple is it?


  1. OMG the fairy is AMAZING!!!!!

  2. Ha! The fairy is a cutie. :D Seems like for all of us, diabetes is one big experiment. Just gotta find what works. It's great that you are running!

  3. We, as PWDs, are also d-scientists and d-mathematicians!! We are amazing!!

  4. Love that fairy! even if she is a spanner in the works a lot of the time!! Alan, I don't know how you keep so focused? but I'm glad you do, your experiments give light to the likes of me who are still in the 'getting our head around it' stage. Keep the poems and the diabotics coming too, this makes light in a sometimes dark world that is diabetes.